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Canned formulas are for the other guys. We celebrate ideas that are out of the box.
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Collaboration is the creative force at the center of PLAY.



the Number One Creative behind the videos at PLAY. From Rob’s very earliest days, tales have been told of how he could consistently be found with a video camera in hand. Rob pursues the unimagined, never-before-seen angle. And he’ll do just about anything to find it. From wedding stories to commercials, online video campaigns to event cinematography, Rob’s project versatility fuels his work and continually strengthens and inspires his filming style. PLAY knows no boundaries. Rob and the team have journeyed far and near to partner with couples and tell the story of their wedding day. He has collaborated with local churches to launch stewardship campaigns and mission initiatives.

rob3 Mission trips and camp experiences have sent him off across the country to hike mountains with middle and high school students. Rob has traveled to Africa with non-profits like World Vision to raise greater awareness about life-changing community development. His films have even been shown in the Minnesota House of Representatives to share the stories of small town business owners. By searching for the real and raw moments, Rob invites people to experience a fresh perspective of their very own story.



playweb12Partnering with Creatives is an integral part of our work here at PLAY. We fuel our imaginations by collaborating with designers, copywriters, photographers and animators from all over the Twin Cities to further propel our videos. Every film project can be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs.

Stories worth sharing.

We take time to get to know every story so we can make you shine.
And the experience of filming is always half the fun.


Wedding: Stephanie + Gabe

We approached Gabe and Stephanie’s story the way we do every wedding we have the privilege of being part of: getting to know the couple at the center of the story. We spent an evening with them, learning more than the logistics of their event but uncovering the sparks that set them apart. Gabe and […]

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Advocacy: Geronimo Wind Energy

Our PLAY team partnered with the people at Geronimo to tell the story about how one rural community was given a breath of new life all because of a wind energy project. We loaded up our film equipment and headed down to Hardwick, Minnesota. During the week we spent there, we explored every corner of […]

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Events: Adventure Camps

Here at PLAY, we’re wild for adventure. We’ve repelled down canyons and ravines, rock-climbed natural mountains, and whitewater-rafted our way down roaring rivers — all in the name of fun. Our bodies and our cameras have been tossed around on Hummer tours and soared over forests on zip lines, yet we are still alive to […]

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We PLAY well with all sorts of people. Watch some of the recent fun we’ve had.


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