Events: Adventure Camps


Here at PLAY, we’re wild for adventure. We’ve repelled down canyons and ravines, rock-climbed natural mountains, and whitewater-rafted our way down roaring rivers — all in the name of fun.


Our bodies and our cameras have been tossed around on Hummer tours and soared over forests on zip lines, yet we are still alive to tell tales of escaping near-death experiences in the mountain biking capital of the world.


Most importantly, all of our extreme camp adventures have taught us that kids are the ones who really know how to PLAY.


Filming students in midst of the exciting moments of risk and discovery is one of our favorite things we do here at PLAY. Since camp often presents students with the opportunity to try new things, it’s our honor as filmmakers to get to be the ones who are right there with kids during these challenging yet formative first-time adventures.


When the kids jump, we jump too; we just view ourselves as one of the campers. Our team is intentional to never take students away being present to the people and experiences that are right in front of them. As campers enjoy new and old friendships, we adore catching the sparks of contagious energy that those relationships create.

There’s nothing quite like getting to witness a student watching a video that shows them conquering and overcoming a fear. Kids feel empowered and immediately want to show their parents. We’ve heard from many students that getting to relive their camp experience through a video is one of their favorite parts of the entire trip.