Advocacy: Geronimo Wind Energy


Our PLAY team partnered with the people at Geronimo to tell the story about how one rural community was given a breath of new life all because of a wind energy project.


We loaded up our film equipment and headed down to Hardwick, Minnesota. During the week we spent there, we explored every corner of the town while stopping to talk with everyone we encountered along the way.



Before we ever pulled out a camera, our team took time to listen and really understand how this energy project was changing lives in the town.


Over many pots of coffee and dinners at local restaurants, we had the privilege to hear people’s stories. The more stories we heard, the more emotions we encountered from city officials, farmers, and businesses owners about how this project was bringing new life and hope to their community. As filmmakers, we sought real and raw interview moments that would document this community’s emotions in a way that was honest and true. Our interviews are never forced or canned; we greatly honor the voice of each individual we interview.


A few months after we completed this project, this video was shown before the Minnesota House of Representatives to demonstrate the long lasting benefits a project like this can have in one rural community. This video was also featured at the Clean Energy Research Teams 2013 conference.