Wedding: Stephanie + Gabe


We approached Gabe and Stephanie’s story the way we do every wedding we have the privilege of being part of: getting to know the couple at the center of the story. We spent an evening with them, learning more than the logistics of their event but uncovering the sparks that set them apart.


Gabe and Stephanie’s energy inspired us to incorporate a lot of motion into their film; the tenderness with which Stephanie spoke about her dad reinforced the need to catch moments of candid ease between father and daughter; their personal mantra of “better and better” made us be sure to frame their story with palpable optimism.


Prior to the wedding day, we spent time at the ceremony and reception venues to plan the perfect angles and perspectives to highlight. We even listened to Gabe and Stephanie’s DJ playlist so what makes them dance would get us dancing, too.


No one spends more time with a couple on their wedding day than the videographer. We’re there for the public and private moments, both the planned and the spontaneous. We ground our work in relationship so couples feel comfortable to just be themselves.



For Gabe and Stephanie, they said the experience of being on camera was one of the most natural, fun parts of their day. They never felt stressed or self-conscious — and that ease comes through in their film . At PLAY, we pursued the authentic, unforced moments. The resulting story puts a couple’s personality in motion.